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The FT-400 series filling machine was specially designed for filling 4 x 200ltr drums pre-wrapped on a pallet or a single 1000ltr IBC'.
The drums are filled individually, once fillied to the required weight the machine auto accepts the weight and moves on to the next container, once the last one has been completed the operator will accept the final drum weight and pallet weight.
The filling machine does not require 4 drums to operate there are selector switches to turn filling lines on or off.

The filling nozzles can be manufactured from either 316 stainless steel, Hastelloy or PVDF with PTFE and Viton seals

Key Features-

4 Easy manoeuvrable filling arms to align nozzle with container bung hole.
Easy strip down nozzle for cleaning.
Suitable for none foaming (Top Fill) & foaming (Bottom Fill).
Weights and Measures (DTI) approved.
ATEX compliant.
Choice of weigh indicators / platforms or alternatively use your existing equipment.
Internal opening nozzle is optional for open top containers (optional)
Only one product connection point and individual isolators for each filling line.

Weigh Range 20ltr - 1000ltr+

4 x 205ltr drums
1 x 1000ltr IBC container

The filling machine pictured to the right includes the following options:-

4 x Earth-rite systems interlocked into the start sequence.
Nitrogen purge prior to filling complete with adjustable timer.
Overfill protection during the filling process.
Fume extraction hoods.
ATEX approved D440 hazardous area indicator and platform.
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