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Machine Delivery - 05/02/19
Flow Tronix delivered our first filling machine to Norway
This is their first FT-300 series filling machine, this filler has been designed to fill IBC's only via a 2" top fill filling nozzle, weigh scale 1250 x 1250 with a maximum weight of 2000kg.

Machine Delivery - 19/09/18 -- Commissioned 25/09/18
Flow Tronix have delivered their first filling machines into a new customer in Livingston.
These are their first FT-100 series filling machines (x2), these fillers are based in a safe area environment complete with touch screen weigh terminal and weigh scale complete with ramps. Filling a range of containers from 20ltr through to a standard IBC.

Machine Delivery - 30/07/18
Flow Tronix have delivered our Fourth filling machine into our customer at Slough, This FT-100 series filling machine is mounted to a mobile frame and including a Lobe pump with speed control, a recirculation valve, a pressure releif valve and internal openingh filling nozzle for use with open top pails.

Machine Delivery - 05/06/18  - Commissioned 13/06/18
Flow Tronix have delived a refurbished filling machine to a new customer in cheshire, this involved replaceing an old PLC with an updated program, new weigh terminal and re-calibration of an existing 1500kg weigh scale.

Gravity Conveyor Delivery - 06/02/18  
Flow Tronix have delivered a gravity conveyor system to a customer in Elsmere port, manufactured from stainless steel complete with pallet stops all interfaced to an existing FT-100 series filling machine.

Machine Delivery - 30/10/17  Machine Commissioned 16/11/17
Flow Tronix delivered a first filling machine into our customer in Leek.
This is their first FT-100 series filling machine, this filler is unique in that it has a twin heads mounted to the end of the filling arm to reduce line swapping, the flling system incorparates 4 x 2" bottom fill nozzles and dedicated filling lines all suitable for filling in a zone 1 enviroment.

Final Commissioning - 09/08/17
Flow Tronix have completed the final commissioning of a Bitumen filling line for our customer in Wymondham there second filler.
The filling system consisted of 11mts of conveyor, 1 weigh scale and 6 filling heads that automatically fill intern, the whole system is surrounded by protective guarding, all the controls are housed in a protective booth that is position in front of the filling heads for an easy view for the operator.

Control Panel Delivery - 13/07/17
Flow Tronix delivered a control system to help with a basic filling package to a weigh company.
The control system will be interfaced in to a weigh scale to enable auto filling of IBC's, the controls incorporate a small pneumatic logic control panel,  interfacing in to the customers DCS system and an anti-static Earth-rite system to reduce static build up.

Flow Tronix completed and delivered 2 sets of controls for a basic filling application to help fill liquid fertiliser, this consisted of a basic PLC and pneumatic control panel complete with interfacing to a single range weigh scale and platform.

Final Commissioning - 05/07/17
Flow Tronix completed the final commissioning of one of our FT-100 series filling systems at one of our customers in Northampton.
This is their 5th FT-100 series filling machine suitable for a zone 1 enviroment, multi-range scale and bottom fill for foaming products.

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